C F Booth Ltd offers an extensive range of specialist services in recycling scrap metal and the trading and processing of all grades of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap. 

With state of the art equipment C F Booth Ltd is able to collect, transport,
segregate and process all forms of mixed scrap in order for re-melting purposes.

C F Booth Ltd - Recycling

C F Booth Ltd was established in 1920 and is logistically placed in the centre of Rotherham on an impressive 30 acre site,  C F Booth Ltd is proud to be one of the largest independently owned metal recycling companies in the UK.

C F Booth Steel Stockholders

C F Booth Steel Stockholders is a specialised stockholder supplying high grade engineering steels manufactured to the highest standards. We carry over 1,500 tonnes of stock and are able to arrange delivery worldwide at competitive prices.

Northfield Aluminium

Northfield Aluminium is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of secondary Aluminium Ingots from Aluminium scrap feedstock, Northfield Aluminium has been supplying a full range of foundry alloys since 1980.

C F Booth Manufacturing

C F Booth Manufacturing is a specialist manufacturer of a wide range of copper
based alloys in cast or wrought form. Our product range includes many different types of material specifications covering aluminium bronze, copper nickel and brass varieties. We supply the marine, aerospace, defence and oil and gas industries.


Demex Ltd have been at the forefront of the demolition industry for over 40 years, they offer a high degree of expert knowledge and competency to carry out all demolition related activities.  All demolition work is carried out in a professional, safe, controlled and environmentally friendly manner.

C F Booth Transport

C F Booth Transport operates more than 35 commercial vehicles which enables us to offer our customers a tailor-made, reliable, fast and efficient collection service to suit their exact requirements.